Lichen: Real and Imagined | Lichens are amazing organisms. They are all around us and we hardly notice them. Found on soil, tree bark, rocks and even some under water, they are actually two organisms living together (symbiosis). These complex organisms can inhabit many conditions and substrates that would deter other kinds of species. I am fascinated with their resilience and beauty. Many of these paintings are done on sliced wood substrates, the closest thing to their original habitat.



My earliest memories are of homesteading on our family farm, where I learned how to use the materials in nature to create art, and where the landscape was often my subject matter. These influences have lead me to feature trees prominently in my work, directly or indirectly, including work that uses slices of trees as a substrate, print making of logs, and photograph trees and the recreation of lichens, which often grow on trees.

I achieve this using encaustic medium and paint, photography, textiles, Japanese papers, and found objects to make harmony of my world and communicate thoughts and emotions.

I’ve studied many mediums and continue to be a voracious learner, pursuing an independent study, self-directed “MFA” exploring a wide variety of medium including natural dye making, mosaics, printmaking, macro photography, and sewing. It is my goal to use whatever technique or medium can achieve my vision of illuminating nature and inspiring others to cherish the natural world.