What We Carry
Though it is not conscientious, we carry with us what we have lost, cherished, collected, and remember. I believe that the act of being present allows one to weave together a new mosaic for oneself. “What We Carry” is an attempt to begin discussions about this mystery behind our human nature. And how we might be carrying with us an entire room of a life or a singular chapter, a traumatic experience of weight, that defines our choices in our ways of being.
Landscape Variations
I paint “small moments” in observation and transition of season and light here in my beloved state of Maine. On daily walks, I intentionally connect with space, temperature and color transitions. My work back in the studio directly responds to these experiences and vary in response to abstracted landscape forms to formal respresentations.
My journey into “Birdworks” started about fourteen years ago.
I was sitting in a rental car in a New Mexico parking lot with my dying Mother.
She pointed out the window, “Look at those birds. They are just so lovely.
Here, give them my hamburger bun and let’s just watch them.”
As they swooped down for their dinner, their flying and fluttering forms
forced a moment of quiet and observation in an otherwise intense and
painful period in my life. Birds from that point on became something else:
a witness to life’s events and cycles, portraits, commmentaries on life
and relationships, and a generous slice of humor.



Hélène Farrar has taught and worked in the visual arts for twenty years while actively exhibiting in commercial, nonprofit and university galleries in New England, New York City, Pennsylvania, Italy, and England. Farrar has a BA in Studio Art from the University of Maine and a Masters of Fine Art Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. Hélène currently owns and operates her own private art school in Maine out of her “Farmhouse” studio, where she holds varied workshops and classes. Her paintings have most recently been accepted into curated exhibits at the Fuller Craft Museum, the Saco Museum, the University of New England Art Gallery, and Twiggs Gallery in New Hampshire. Farrar is represented by Archipelago Fine Arts in Rockland, and the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner. Her work as an educator has brought her across the state of Maine including the Haystack Mountain School or Crafts, and she will be teaching at the 2019 International Encaustics Conference.