Camille Davidson

I spend a lot of time receiving information. I find as I get older and move into a more contemplative state of being than I look around me in quiet repose, creating awareness first in my mind, body and soul, process those connections and then respond with my palette. I am moved by my natural surroundings through my spiritual lens and practice. I am a Judaic studies teacher as well as a painter and my Jewish world seeps into and often informs my painting and visa versa.

I live in the small quiet town of Readfield Maine with my husband of 42 years and our tiny dog Aurora.
We are surrounded by beautiful woods and a nearby lake. My 4 children are grown and scattered over the world and this year I became grandmother to a little boy named Dolev.
I graduated from MECA in 1986 and have been painting, nurturing children and teaching ever since. I recently had a large solo show at The Maine Jewish Museum where I installed a show uniquely created for the building and space based in ‘landscape’ both external and internal and Jewish Mystical concepts. I will be presenting this work again in June 2017 at The Maine Jewish Conference.