Dona Mara Friedman

Recently my work has been a reflection on a sense of place. Surrounded by nature in a country setting I watch birds, trees and fields on a daily basis. Finding the essence of a view, a branch or field and translating that with line, color and tonal shapes is the challenge.  Although the paintings are seen as abstracted to me there is an object, a light or an emotion that is the original subject.

Dona Mara is a painter with a 40 year exploration in two dimensional space and surface. Her paintings are infused with an abstracted vision of nature and an individual field of color, line and texture. Thematically she is moved by the cycles of nature and the horizontal, vertical break up of space; translating movement, light and texture into a sense of place. She exhibits regularity in the regional Northeast and is included in numerous private collections throughout the U.S.
“Breaking New Ground, Making Great Art” by Elayne Clift, in Vermont Magazine included Mara as one of eight VT Women artists who shared innovative work grounded in a love of nature, respect for life cycles and joy of creation.