Hollandra Berube

Like an alchemist, creating something from nothing is the essence of my work. My deepest inspiration comes from being challenged by problem solving. I love responding to a particular situation and moving a negative to positive. I meld my background in design and construction with my love of architecture and interiors to create my encaustic formations. The work may comprise of domestic salvage, treasures or scraps combined with a variety of techniques, such as embedding, carving and sculpting. I rely on my desire for beauty and pleasing aesthetics to form work that is modern and edgy, yet rustic and earthy.

With a background in design, Holly studied commercial art, then explored architecture and interior design and eventually evolved into construction technology at Northeastern University. All inform her work today. When not in her studio, Holly works at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, as the Head of Visitors Services and Security. She’s an Artist at Western Ave Studios in Lowell, MA, and lives in Tewkesbury with her daughter Amanda, their bulldog Batman, and husband Jack, with whom she designs and builds houses.