Joanne Desmond

I find myself continually curious about the relationship between memory and emotion as connected with the sensitivities of time, place, and familial attachment. The notion of hiding, covering up, obscuring the truth – the reality of who we really are at any given moment in time – has always intrigued me. Discovering what lies beneath the surface of someone or something is what I pursue. My current work straddles the thresholds of identity, experience, and memory. It is an exploration of the relationship between the visible and invisible, the gaze, the subject, and the other.

Joanne F. Desmond received a BA in Art from University of MA/Boston with a concentration in printmaking and photography; M. Ed. in Arts & Learning from Endicott College; MFA from Mass College of Art & Design. Desmond’s work has shifted from the traditional use of media (i.e. photography and printmaking) into an
exploration and combination of materials. Her work is now primarily mixed media, which has often taken on a more sculptural form. Joanne Desmond’s studio, Red Horse Studio, is located in Berwick, ME. She is a member of New England Wax, Monoprint Guild of New England, Brickbottom Arts, Unbound Visual Arts, and Women’s Caucus for the Arts.