Lelia Stokes Weinstein


Color, texture and the themes of nature and hope have been the sources of my inspiration. I was taught to believe that there was good in everyone. As a child I saw that many people did not see joy in the world around them. Art can bring hope to a world that sorely needs to believe in a future.

As a landscape designer, I love combining texture, color and form to create outdoor rooms for my clients. Bees wax, pigment, paper, wood and found objects bring me pleasure when working on an idea in my visual art. The process of creating art has been a way for me to work through loss, change and on to hope and joy.

My recent work has been centered around the concept of layers. This might be thoughts, actions, memories, stories, and earth’s elements. Man’s overlay of structures on the land fascinates me as does the lapping of clouds and waves of water. The tightness or looseness of folds speaks of the flow of time and energy. I have worked both with waxed monotypes and in sculptural pieces to express these layers and folds in the complexity of people and nature.