Pamela Dorris DeJong

The light on the ocean contains so many colors. A shimmer of silver at dawn, green blue at noon, copper colors as the sun sets, gradually progressing to midnight blue. When the clouds are reflected between patches of sunlight, I love to watch as white gulls pass over it appearing like a moving string of pearls. As a fine artist, I believe in the importance of creating a painterly, contemporary, recording of the environment at this time on earth. Climate change will bring forth permanent alterations in our environment. Since studies have been in existence, all species of all living things have evolved. I feel a great weight and responsibility to convey the message that we, as human beings in the 21st century, must research and sustain our environment. It is my fervent hope to enlighten people that treating and managing the human assault on our earth’s natural resources will heal ourselves. Images can promote healing by creating a visual experience. We can be reminded of the beauty we inherited. We can heal, protect and preserve our environment, thereby healing, protecting and preserving ourselves.

For many years, my primary interest was plein air painting of the landscape. Locally, I have painted the Ashland Town Forest, Falmouth, and Martha’s Vineyard landscapes. My travels to Europe produced several series of paintings of landscapes of England, Wales, Ireland, France, and Italy. In the past few years, I have explored interpretive expression of concepts working in mixed media. My recent work has been an exploration of the mechanisms of healing at a cellular level as well as a spiritual, psychological and emotional one. Currently I am working on a series of paintings addressing environmental issues of concern, particularly relating to protecting our oceans and shore habitats.