Ruth Sack

Organic forms like leaves, pods and bark inspire this selection of work. Carried in encaustic wax, these things are transformed. Bark becomes a sunset. Transformers animate into flies. Pods are born, not grown. The photo of my studio shows the scale and range of this work. This selection is one part of many in my body of work

I was always an artist. My delight in “process” attracted me to encaustic. At first I regarded art as a thing to make. Now, after living through a few of life’s challenges, I see art as a physical manifestation of my emotions and experiences.

I received a BA from Brandeis University in art in 1975. I then spent a year learning how to draw and think like an artist at the New York Studio School. I received my MFA in sculpture from City University of New York, Queens College in 1979 and learned graphic design at the California College of Arts and Crafts. Visual communication and object making are key to my work.