Sarah Springer


My life as an artist is divided into two very different and yet highly related sides, as a sculptor/painter, and as a professional interior designer. The fields are mutually beneficial and enriching… my Interiors work has a very sculptural aspect, and my art is enhanced by years of thought about color, material and texture. In recent years I have become particularly enamored with encaustic and cold wax for the inherent sculptural and expressive qualities of the material, in particular the skin-like tactility of the surface, whether smooth, pitted, scarred or molded, and the soft glowing translucency of the built-up layers. Much of my work is inspired by my fascination with maps of all kinds, and what they tell us about societies’ deep drive to create and document their built environments. Maps of ancient ruins of often the only thing left of ancient or prehistoric cultures – and it excites the imagination to fill in the gaps. Humans build communities, and the community’s social boundaries and cultural customs are expressed in the patterns of those maps. They provide insight into how some live within and some live on the margins. Our worlds shape us as much as we shape them.

Sarah Springer works out of her home studio in Lexington, MA. She has a B.F.A. from Cornell University with a concentration in sculpture and photography. She has also studied drawing, bronze casting and stone carving in Florence, Italy. Sarah has also worked for over 30 years as an award-winning interior designer, and appreciates the rich cross-fertilization that occurs between her design and her art.