Soosen Dunholter

The meditative process I engage in when creating my work is similar to the experience I find when walking in nature. My Art Journey is about grounding me in the present, not focusing on the future or end product. Taking each step one at a time and not being troubled by the destination, keeps me in the moment. I feed my soul by orchestrating the chaos around me until all the diverse elements find their perfect fit and coexist in harmony. Worries slip away along with the mental noise – it is a good place to be.

With a travel gene from my mom and a whimsical artistic one from my dad, a passion for visual learning and world wide wandering has become my personal creative journey. Embracing the artistic mantle early in life, I have embarked on the practice of art making in a non-traditional way. Not being familiar with the conventional process, procedures and methods, I have found has always been a key advantage.