Sue Katz

I call these abstract works “constructs” combining encaustic paint and found objects. I scavenge old, worn, weathered metal and wood assembling these found treasures now on my studio floor with an inner eye focused on meaning. Painterly gesture within structure, rich earthy surfaces within formal shapes describe decades/generations. Process and materials fuse together forming content of family/lineage. My newest addition to my limited palette is indigo for my husband while my favorite all time color, rusty copper, is still me. As I work I focus on the visual and as I finish I consider the conceptual; thinking of a title, the spirit of relationships and connections emerges.

After studying for a master’s degree in sculpture at Ohio State University, I studied ceramics with Peter Voulkos, UC Berkeley, and art history with Irving Sandler, New York University. While living in New York City I taught ceramics and contemporary art history at New Jersey City University for five years. Next I moved to Colrain, MA, to raise a family. Then in Amherst I co-founded and co-directed two community art galleries and started the Amherst Art Walk, the first monthly art walk in the region. We are celebrating our 15 year anniversary March 2017. Primarily I make art, “constructs” of paint and mixed media, exhibiting in the Amherst-Northampton area, New England and nationally.