Susan Paladino

I found encaustic medium late in my artistic career. It is a malleable medium, and this quality has heightened my interest in the non-objective, with only slight concern for details. My series this past year, On the Edge, uses saturated colors and geometric shapes. I created the geometric shapes with the intention towards a hand-done look, rather than give them a carefully measured one. I sometimes combine a thread, or line, or a more organic shape, to disrupt the usual expectation of geometric forms to allow the play of randomness. It is a constant search to find my own sense of possible order that may even speak to me alone — an ability to look inside myself.

Susan Paladino comes from a printmaking background. She is a long-time resident of Boston and is a member of Cambridge Art Association. She is married and has a daughter in New York which enables her to have the opportunity to keep up with what is going on in contemporary art. She teaches on a regular basis at the Cambridge Adult Education Center and has taught at Provincetown Art Association among other venues. She is exploring the non-objective primarily with encaustic medium and oil sticks. She is currently represented by Gallery Blink.