My artwork tells a story that often begins with an image, a memory or an impression. Though I am surrounded by a magnificent landscapes on the Maine coast, and special light that has drawn artists to the coast for centuries, my visions and subject matter originates in kind of interior solitude. From places and people I remember or see in old photographs.

Though my medium has changed from time to time, my style and approach is consistent and I hope, distinctive. I started my art career in pottery, then silkscreen and when I discovered the process of working with encaustic wax, about 20 years ago, that medium has dominated my senses. I often use photographs and found objects to translate my message. I love color, texture and added elements like metal, wood or a special, and often humble fragments…old tin, script, lost objects.

Working with the encaustic wax process requires both control and at the same time, a looseness and an open mind. The artist has to be open to unplanned results, happy mistakes, hidden layers and opportunities to explore beneath the surface.

Making art that is joyful, colorful and evocative, is my intent. I strive to be honest, genuine and hopefully a little unique.




Otty Merrill is an encaustic artist from both Tenants Harbor and Portland, Maine, where she has lived for many years.  Born in New Jersey she started her career in advertising and commercial art in New York City and has evolved into a fine artist over the past three decades.

She attended Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, had a pottery business, taught ceramics, co-founded The Sherborn (Mass.) Arts Center and over the years has taken graduate courses at:

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

The DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, Massachusetts

Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

Haystack Mountain School, Deer Isle, Maine