From microscopic to life-sized, my sculptures represent the internal, emotional and physical changes to my body from cancer and its treatment. The experience of having pathological cells inside my body, removing them, and restoring my body to health are illustrated in the movement, form, and color of these organic forms. Working in wax has enabled me to create a skin-like surface of knots, scars, and regrowth that reflects my experience with cancer. I have been able to find beauty in this process of getting free of a bad thing.


I have always been an artist. I always made things, either of my own imagination or by inspiration by the work of others. I delight in “process”, which attracted me to sculpture, encaustic painting and assemblage. At first I regarded art as a thing to make. Now, after living through a few of life’s challenges, I see art as a physical manifestation of my emotions and experiences.

I received a BA from Brandeis University in art in 1975. I then spent a year learning how to draw and think like an artist at the New York Studio School. I received my MFA in sculpture from City University of New York, Queens College in 1979.

I live in Cheshire CT with my husband David. I enjoy the artistic environment of New Haven and regularly teach and exhibit my work there. My 2014 acceptance to New England Wax, a professional organization of artists who work in encaustic, has provided great opportunities to exhibit my work and share ideas. I have since been able to hone my skills as an artist and exhibit my work regionally.