Embracing the artistic mantle early in life, I have embarked on the practice of art making in a non-traditional way. Not being comfortable with conventional process, procedures, and methods, I have found has always been a key advantage to my practice. Never rely on a preconceived idea or preliminary sketch my work utilizes a meditative and intuitive process, Worries slip away along with the mental noise as I orchestrate the array of chaos around me until all the diverse elements find their ideal fit and fall into place in perfect harmony.

I began work on my Carin Series after walking the Camino de Santiago, in the late spring of 2011. The Cairn’s  “stone on stone”  traditionally mark ones personal passage through an area or to create a sacred space. My artistic journey is a meditative processes not unlike the “Path” along the Camino.

I chose to work with the image of the “Stone Cairns” in response to my ongoing journey of finding an equilibrium in my own life. How it can be as elusive as it is desirable. The works have evolved during my contemplation and imagery  from my many long walks.


Launched with a BA in Fine Arts, Soosen’s artistic development continues to grow and evolve through master classes with master printmakers and painters. Attending a wide variety of workshops, taught by a diverse range of artists, has allowed Soosen to experiment and explore a variety of philosophies, styles, and mediums in the quest to further her professional education and find her visual voice. Her work has been described as a “dreamlike abstraction with mathematical precision” , “… delicate and hard edge technological components that appear to float on the cushiony surface as if being manipulated by an invisible force.” ArtScope June/July 2015

Soosen’s mixed-media work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and cultural centers throughout New England and hangs in private and public collections around the world. She has won numerous awards and prizes for her collagraphic monoprints including the 2016 Ruth and James Ewing Award given to a professional artist in recognition of excellence and contributions to the regional arts community. Soosen was a 2010 Artists Professional Toolbox Fellow.

She currently creates her original, sophisticated yet whimsical art in her studio in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Soosen continues to find new sources of inspiration in walks around her town as well as from her overseas travels, capturing the essence of these places in her colorful style with, Art to Feed Your Soul.