My Art speaks of the whimsical energy radiated by the world I inhabit, it’s about intuition, spontaneous coincidences and magical fun. Each piece of art I create is a signature, a reflection of my own personality and life experience. I deal with several bodies of work concurrently. This way all of my work informs or cross-pollinates with each other.

Like my daily practice of walking, or ‘wayfaring’, I find the process of creating art similarly meditative. By taking each activity one step at a time, with no concern – or plan – for my destination in either experience, I remain grounded in the moment. Collecting materials and images, thinking and pondering, and then launching into the hands-on aspect of making art when the spirit moves me.



Launched with a BA in Fine Arts, Soosen’s artistic development continues to grow and evolve through master classes with master printmakers and painters. Attending a wide variety of workshops, taught by a diverse range of artists, has allowed Soosen to experiment and explore a variety of philosophies, styles, and mediums in the quest to further her professional education and find her visual voice. Her minimalist and textural works focuses on the interplay between form, color, and line against a variety of subtle backdrops. She currently creates a variety of sophisticated yet whimsical prints, collages, and paintings, in her studio in Peterborough, NH. Soosen finds inspiration in walks around her town as well as from her overseas travels, capturing the essence of these places in her colorful style with, “Art to Feed Your Soul”.

Soosen’s mixed-media work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and cultural centers throughout New England and hangs in private and public collections around the world. She has won numerous awards and prizes for her Fine Art Works including the 2016 Ruth and James Ewing Award. A 2010 Artists Professional Toolbox Fellow, a member of the Monotype Guild of New England, and Curator for the Healing Arts Gallery at MCH in Peterborough NH. She is currently represented by gallery twist in Lexington, Massachusetts.