I call these abstract works “constructs” combining encaustic paint and found objects. I scavenge old, worn, weathered metal and wood. I assemble these found treasures with an inner eye focused on meaning. Painterly gesture within structure, rich earthy surfaces within formal shapes; each square or circle signifies one person, one spirit; multiple squares signify lineage/generations. Process and materials fuse together forming content of family. As I work I enjoy the procedural; as I finish I wonder about the conceptual; thought and language reveal the title, the spirit of relationships and connections.



After studying for a MA in sculpture at OSU, I studied ceramics with Peter Voulkos, UC Berkeley, and contemporary art history with Irving Sandler, NYU. While living in New York City I taught ceramics and contemporary art history at New Jersey State University for five years. Next I moved to Colrain, MA, to raise a family. Then in Amherst, I co-founded and/or co-directed two community art galleries and started the art walk, the first monthly one in the region. Primarily I make art, “constructs” of paint and mixed media. I exhibit in the Amherst-Northampton area, New England and nationally.