Artist: Lola Baltzell  
  Statement: We all have hidden yearnings and talents that seek creative expression. Over the years I have explored various media, starting with photography, oil painting, then collage and currently mixed media encaustic. In recent years I have also become interested in jurying, curating and mentoring other artists. 

We all have the need to understand ourselves on a deeper level. The difficult part is to move inside, identify your soul’s call, and to move from inside to find your expression.

When you are truly absorbed in making art, it becomes a meditation. You are transported beyond the analytical, critical mind. From that place, the art makes itself. I see the “artist” as a channel, so that if we get out of our own way and let the creativity flow, we can tap into something wonderful, something beyond our limited sense of self.

There are many expressions of Spirit, and my work is about making those connections, and bridging the spaces – within ourselves, and between each other.  
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