Artist: Debra Claffey  
  Statement: My paintings with drawing, in oil, wax, and mixed media, of plants and their foliage, interspersed with objects of “still life”, celebrate the complexity of the natural world and our place in it.

These works surmount duality. Both painting and drawing, abstract and representational, with line and shape, two-dimensional but with a hint of perspectival illusion, some are monotypes mounted to panel, others are painted directly to paper or panel. All have drawn and incised elements. Pattern and repetition leave hints of still life’s narrative, patches of daylight, and memories of movement.

My focus on contemplation provides a small arena in which to restore balance to our relationship of Human to Nature. Plants and trees are intelligent beings that we have disrespected in so many ways, and we must reconnect. Our roots are in the earth, amid the myriad forms of life in the soil, in the wind, and in the seas.

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