Deborah Peeples



My abstract paintings explore space, distance, and perception through the natural translucent materials of beeswax and damar resin, which allow the creation of atmospheric as well as sculptural surface refinement. The process of layering, incising, and scraping, choosing how much to expose or obscure, reflects a sense of inspection and introspection, becoming both method and metaphor for uncovering and connecting with my inner self. This is a language that traces my inner turbulence, exuberance, and complexity. My work is concerned with preconceptions about what we see, and how this might be altered as we become more sensitized to what lies beneath the surface. Through its layered and sensual slowness, my work encourages exploration and a sense of journey.
As an adoptee and parent of a transperson, the superficial structures cultivated to protect core vulnerability are central to both my artwork and past work as an activist. I have always explored questions about our intrinsic desire to be seen and valued, and the assumptions we maintain around how we fit in the world.



Deborah Peeples is an abstract artist who paints with encaustic and exhibits nationally. She holds a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Arts and also studied at the Lake Placid School of Art. After raising her family and working for many years as a community, social and political activist, focusing on public education and LGBTQ issues, she returned to a full-time art practice five years ago. Peeples is a member of The Crit Lab and serves on the board of the Cambridge Art Association. She lives and works in Cambridge, MA.