Deborah Pressman




My first medium was photography — starting in high school. I loved the magic of the darkroom. Fast forward four decades, now printmaking and painting are my media. The transfer process of printmaking has some of the magic of working in the darkroom.
My relationship with the land is with the fragile places . . . their beauty and vulnerability are undeniable.

melting glaciers
tidal estuaries
tinder dry forests

The lines of Robert Frost haunt me.

” . . . some say the world will end in fire . . . some say in ice . . . “

“Fire and Ice”  Harper’s Magazine 1920

Landscape through the lens of superimposed images is a recurring subject of my work. Expanding and compressing the depth of field show the micro and the macro world simultaneously. Weather, change of seasons, consequences of global warming constantly influence me. My goal is to create for the viewer the experience of moving through a landscape. My materials include cold wax, oil sticks, ink, and graphite on paper. I use printmaking, painting, and frottage techniques.



Deborah Marum Pressman earned a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.  As a photographer for the architectural firm Venturi, Rauch and Scott- Brown, she worked on the Bicentennial Exhibition “Signs and Symbols in the American Landscape” (Renwick Gallery 1976).  She changed careers shortly thereafter – attending medical school and spending over 30 years as an internist. Throughout her years of medical practice, she continued making art in multiple media, including photography, printmaking, and metalsmithing.  She is currently an active member of New England Wax and North Country Studio Workshops.  In 2021 she curated the exhibition “Vision 2021: Found, Formed, Fused” at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. She lives in Natick with her husband and their standard poodle.