Dona Mara Friedman




Relating to the Past
My recent work is influenced by the isolation of the past two years. As I walk the trails in my neck of the woods, old, abandoned barns speak of a past and highly productive time. Built by hand with wood, cut from the surrounding area, they often contain individual architectural features that have been prized by designers. I see them as cathedrals for utilitarian purposes, “American Icons” which keep my relationship with history alive.



Dona Mara is a painter with a 45 year continued exploration in two dimensional space and surface. Her paintings are infused with an abstracted vision containing an individual use of color, line and texture, influenced by her personal connection to her Vermont surroundings. Recently awareness of the weathered wooden barns in her immediate area became an interest as she views them as noble pieces of Americana.The work suggests an ambiguity, without absolute representation, creating an abstracted simplicity. A continued experimentation of materials has led to the use of encaustic, cold wax and mixed media.
She exhibits regularity in the regional Northeast, is included in numerous private collections throughout the U.S.A and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art in New Mexico.