Artist: Heather Douglas  
  Statement: There is nothing like getting off the beaten path. Finding a track on a remote mountaintop, a trail through a tranquil forest, or wandering along a deserted shoreline, each offer the opportunity to embrace nature and discover artistic inspiration.

An ongoing series, which I collectively refer to as “stones”, is a group of encaustic pieces inspired by the visual variety seen in pebbles, rocks, cliffs and canyons, encountered during my hiking expeditions.

I am particularly fascinated by the endless variety of patterns and shades of color found in nature. She gives us endless variety and abstraction. Often times, exposure to the climate creates surfaces rich in texture, which can be beautifully rendered in the encaustic medium.

My artwork reflects images I’ve seen in the world around me, from the diminutive to the monumental. It is a challenge and a joy to translate what I see onto a board or canvas. I find encaustic wax to be very accepting of other components and enjoy experimenting with shellac, graphite, embossing powder, pastel, spray paints and tonal transfers to create rich and varied textures.

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