Hélène Farrar




Regarding What We Carry Series

We are more complicated than we think we are. We are even more complicated than the stories we tell. We can’t see that someone right next to us might be carrying with them an entire room-full of trauma, a deep dis-connection to others, or a solitude that borders on loneliness. Revealing or attempting to engage with others about the difficult aspect of our human nature can place us into vulnerability. If we look, discuss, understand, and be open, can we build compassion? These artworks explore the reach for steady ground in the faces of one’s dark shadows.

Regarding Landscape Works

My landscape works are poetic interpretations of quiet and observed moments, often of seasonal transitions, in both abstract and formal representations. Both of these sensibilities develop from direct observations of being in the landscape. In my abstract work I allow the paint to lead me allowing for experimental an playful surfaces. At other times, I develop the work to create believable dimensionality. The landscape is often a metaphor for a personal narrative such as this, ” My heart has been heavy these days, maybe yours too. In light of the first snow that falls on Maine on an early morning – – – to my daughter’s exclamations it forced a real present moment. Raising my eyes, looking out at my side yard, the apple trees with freshly covered white, and feeling the peacefulness, the quiet, the stillness.” Drawing, journaling, and meditation are all equally important components of this painting process.



Hélène Farrar has taught and worked in the visual arts for twenty years while actively exhibiting in commercial, nonprofit and university galleries in New England, New York City, Pennsylvania, Italy, and England. Farrar has a BA in Studio Art from the University of Maine and a Masters of Fine Art Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. Hélène currently owns and operates her own private art school in Maine out of her “Farmhouse” studio, where she holds varied workshops and classes. Her paintings have most recently been accepted into curated exhibits at the Cape Cod Community College, Fuller Craft Museum, the Saco Museum, the University of New England Art Gallery, and Twiggs Gallery in New Hampshire. Farrar is represented by Archipelago Fine Arts in Rockland, Betts Gallery of Belfast, Cynthia Winings Gallery of Blue Hill, and the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner. Her work as an educator has brought her across New England including the Haystack Mountain School or Crafts and International Encaustics Conference. She is a teaching artist for the Farnsworth Art Museum.



Website:  helenefarrar.com