Hilary Hanson Bruel




I am an artist from the Boston area who resumed painting following a career in graphic design. My multi-layer encaustic paintings are studies in color, composition, and texture that highlight the unique properties of the medium, and are informed by my background in both fine arts and graphic design. Most of my pieces incorporate other materials, including thread, paper, and pastels. While my subjects range from landscapes to the digital world to pure abstraction, all of my work explores the ways in which we see, experience, and communicate color.



Hilary Hanson Bruel has B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University, where she completed an honors thesis in painting while also studying photography, sculpture, and design. Upon her graduation in 1995 she embarked on a career in graphic design, first at Hearst Magazines and then as a self-employed designer while raising her two children. It was not until 2013 that she returned to painting when she enrolled in an encaustic class at a local art center. She immediately fell in love with the medium, and continued to paint and learn on her own until she began exhibiting and selling her art in 2018. Hilary works out of her home in Needham, MA, and serves on the boards of both the Needham and Newton Art Associations.



Website:  hansonbruel.com