Hollandra Berube



Orbs and a Blackbird
While creating this series Orbs and a Blackbird, I expressed my love of free form work and how I gravitate towards the sense of alignment with Self and just Being and Allowing. The boldness of Blackbird explores the feeling of ones Higher-self overseeing all that IS; enlightenment and consciousness, and plays with my personal exploration of manifesting romantic energy, Love and balance.



Brilliant color and bold ideas are hallmarks of my work as an artist, designer and builder. Nothing is off-limits and I move fluidly between mixed media, sculpture, encaustic, and interior design. I thrive on transforming empty spaces and combining the overlooked with the unexpected.
Using encaustic paint and power tools, I rescue, revitalize, and reinterpret objects. Like an alchemist, creating something from nothing is the essence of my work. My deepest inspiration comes from being challenged by problem solving. I love responding to a particular situation and moving it from a negative to a positive. I rely on my desire for beauty, and my pleasure of aesthetic. My work envelopes the viewer in possibilities.
With a background in design, Holly studied commercial art, then explored architecture and interior design and eventually evolved into construction technology at Northeastern University. All inform her work today. When not in her Manchester-by-the-Sea Massachusetts studio, Holly works at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, as the Director of Visitors Services, Security and Cafe.