The Ethel Walker School will be showing a group of encaustic monoprints in the Bell Gallery and Extension, from April 18 to June 7, 2021. The theme of the project is Home/Away.

Participating NEW members made wax-based work on 8” x 8” paper and received a portfolio of original works by the participants in return. It was a wonderful opportunity to own each other’s work, and to create work for an exhibition at an available venue, and as a promotional item for New England Wax.

THEME: Home/Away How do we define home—our family? our land? our country? our planet? What does it mean to us? Who is part of our home? What and where is “Away”? Does “Away” require less from us than “Home”?  The theme was widely interpreted.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Each artist provided on a separate sheet, the title, medium, paper information, and a paragraph or two about the theme of Home/Away

Please look at the PDF link below to see artist statements and images:

Home_Away 2020_Portfolio_FINAL

Participating artists are: Trina Abbott, Lola Baltzell, Jeanne Borofsky, Debra Claffey, Kimberly Curry, Angel Dean, Pamela Dorris DeJong, Heather Leigh Douglas, Soosen Dunholter, Ken Eason, Jeanne Griffin, Kay Hartung, Otty Merrill, Susan Paladino, Deborah Pressman, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Ruth Sack, Sarah Springer, Donna Hamil Talman, Catherine Weber, Lelia Stokes Weinstein, Charyl Weissbach, and Nancy Spears Whitcomb.