Katrina Abbott




Nature, color and climate change inspire my art. By representing the beauty and diversity of the natural world, I hope to inspire viewers to take a closer look at the world around us, and ultimately be more thoughtful and careful stewards of our planet. I bring my background in marine biology and environmental studies and the experience of years spent both on the ocean and in the backcountry to my art. I paint, print and work in wax to represent large and small visions of nature from the earth from space to frogs, cells and diatoms.



Katrina Abbott came to art later in life after her twins were born. Previous to this, she spent 25 years in education, including outdoor education, ocean education at sea and urban public school reform. With a BA in Environmental Biology and a Masters in Botany (studying seaweed!), she reflects her interest in and concern for the natural world in in her art. She represents nature in print, paint and wax. She is a member of the Cambridge Art Association and New England Wax. She lives in Cambridge with her husband and small brown rabbit named Jarvis and with their 21 year old boy/girl twins when they visit from college.


Website:  www.katrinasabbott.com