Kay Hartung




A fascination with the beauty and complexity of the microscopic world fuels Kay Hartung’s paintings. Working in encaustic and mixed media, she contemplates the potential impact of cellular activity on the visible universe and the human species. The growth, multiplication, and movement of these biological forms is essential to her creative process, as they travel freely or are captured and tangled in sinuous webs.
The imagery, loosely based on observation of biological structures, explores the interconnections of these cellular forms. The process builds layer upon layer suggesting growth, development and movement. Some of the pieces are in more of a static or restful stage whereas others explode with activity. The order and chaos of these biological processes are captured in the imagery.



Kay Hartung is a mixed media artist who has a studio at ArtSpace Maynard and lives in Acton, MA. She has a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art and an MFA from Syracuse University. She was on the faculty of Bradford College in the Creative Arts Division from 1979-1999. She is a member of Fountain Street Gallery in Boston and has been a recipient of grants from Somerville Arts Council, Malden Arts Council and the Ford Foundation. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is in many private and corporate collections. She has created specially commissioned work for both public and residential spaces.


Website:  kayhartung.com