Kay Hartung




In this new series, Kay Hartung delves into the realms of color, form, and geometry. She began with small sketches that evolved into vibrant paintings on paper. However, her artistic vision did not stop there; she desired to liberate the geometric forms from the confines of the rectangular form of the paper, allowing them to transcend their two-dimensional existence and stand autonomously.The shaped paintings take on identities and personalities of their own, transcending the boundaries of mere visual representations. She sees them as characters, slightly imbalanced and whimsical, full of color and contrast. As she developed the series she began to think about what sounds they might make. Her husband Paul, a musician, has composed short tunes to go along with some of the pieces.

She is drawn to the inherent precision and visual impact of these geometric forms but also introduces some organic elements that suggest a sense of whimsy. The varying textural surfaces add depth and tactile richness to the compositions and invite the viewer to explore and engage on a visceral level. Some of the forms suggest connections to architecture, houses, music, nature, and the human body. They relate to symbols of stability, the shelter of home and safety. In these tumultuous times, Hartung’s artwork serves as an antidote, a visual sanctuary that offers respite from the darkness that surrounds us. Through her exploration of color relationships, and the interplay of abstract elements, she strives to create a space where hope and vibrancy flourish.



Hartung received a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art, and an MFA from Syracuse University. She has been awarded grants from the Somerville Arts Council, Malden Arts Council and the Ford Foundation. In 2017 she was the recipient of a Merit Award from Vermont Studio Center for a month-long Artist’s Residency. Hartung has contributed to the art community through extensive administrative work often as a project coordinator or jury member and has taught at Endicott College, MA, and Bradford College, MA, among others. Recent exhibitions include The Alchemy of Art and Play, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA, Vice Versa, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA, Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition 2023, Framingham, MA. Hartung lives in Acton, MA with her husband Paul and dog Tori.


Website:  kayhartung.com