Lelia Stokes Weinstein




My process is a combination of working on an idea that I want to express or just playing with materials, allowing my subconscious to make the decisions. The later is fun because suddenly I ‘awaken’ from a sort of trance or meditation, a place of no thought, to find something
pleasing has been created.
The three dimensional capability of wax calls to me, whether it is a buildup of layers on a panel or embedded objects in a sculptural piece.
Like most of the world, I am very concerned about the degradation of our planet and the rapid extinction of wild plants and animals, so my work often reflects on that and the beauty of nature around us.
My work usually incorporates visual movement. The flow of water, the lapping of waves and the blur between land, water and air call to me.


Lelia Stokes Weinstein was raised as a Quaker. She was taught that there was that of good in everyone. In her art she explores themes of joy, hope and peace. As a small child she loved to do art and was allowed to go to art classes in Cambridge at the age of 9. The experience of commuting for 2 hours by herself helped further develop an independent and adventurous spirit. She went to Friend’s World College that required study abroad in at least two countries. Living in India and traveling overland to England through Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey she discovered the vibrancy of these cultures and how they embraced color and texture. Today she is an artist and works in her home studio.











Website:  leliart.com