Marina Thompson




Pattern and repetition, rhythm and interruption shape our lives. Geometry bridges the inner and outer worlds adding structure and sense – both ancient and contemporary. The pulse of color and the play of light and texture are constant sources of stimulation. Color creates light and light creates form. Marina’s paintings explore depth, energy and movement with illusions of volume, space, light, and time.

Marina’s work is colorful, rhythmic, layered. It speaks of sounds, both local and cosmic, with visual elements that are both macroscopic and microscopic. Communication requires kinetic creativity: layers of light, color, texture, balance, nuance, and surprise.



Thompson is a mixed media artist, born in 1952 in Lexington, Massachusetts. Her father was an architect and partner of Walter Gropius. Drawing on the Bauhaus-influenced world from her childhood, her art is graphically strong, informed by her years in textile design and illustration. After studying Art Education in college, she taught weaving then started a wholesale rug business creating a line of colorful handwoven rugs sold in many stores across the country. Fifteen years later, in order to work from home while raising her son, Marina switched to illustration. Her freelance work included illustrating gardening books and magazines for Sunset magazine, and murals for two rooms in the Miami Children’s Museum – over 2000 square feet of imagery, and much more.
Now she paints from a studio in her home in Lexington.

Marina studied Industrial Design at The Rhode Island School of Design, illustration at The Art Institute of Boston, and weaving from Mexican Indians in Uruapan, Mexico. Her work is shown in many group shows around New England. She is currently represented by gallery twist in Lexington, Massachusetts.