Member page template – duplicate this!


  1. In new window go to FooGallery in the sidebar. From pulldown menu at the top New>add Gallery to create new gallery. Name it last name of member. Collect the images from Media Library (skip the headshot). Hopefully the images will have the artist’s name with numbers on them – but not always…

2. Copy & paste image info from artist’s image list (on Formidable Entry) to each image (caption box) in this new gallery. To save info, click on grey area each time you add text. Check spelling and keep an eye on image numbers as you go to avoid mistakes. Leave media library.

3. Insert cursor at the top left, then “add Foo gallery” with (with middle button above). Add your new gallery.  Images might not show up until you save draft. Delete “thompson” gallery. Save draft again.

4. Delete thee instructions!


paste new statement here



Paste Bio here



select then edit photo – resize

delete if no photo , obviously!







Website: type in website name here, select and create link


Save draft then double check spacing in Preview mode – not here.

Lastly, edit “Main” gallery (home page) by adding or swapping out new image (in correct alphabetical order). Then you need to add more info to that image in the Media library: The artist’s name goes in “alternative text” box – for the rollover. Cut and paste member’s perma link into “Custom URL” box (scroll down to find it), so the Main page redirects to this artist’s page. Save gallery, save Page & then Publish. Check to see if link works and artist’s name shows up. Sometimes I have to do this twice, probably because I (you) forgot to save the main page as well 🙁

After your new page has been published, go to Appearance> Menus (from sidebar). Add the page to the pull down menu by checking box on left side, then the add button.  It shows up at the bottom of the list, so drag it from the bottom up to the appropriate alphabetical place. Don’t forget to Save:)

Check to make sure all links are working and captions…delete instructions… check your pages one more time…it’s good to go to another browser or tablet or phone to make sure it looks OK there too. You’re done!