Ross Ozer



I’m fascinated by simple geometric shapes and how combining them, manipulating their perspective and applying vivid color gradients creates an endless array of transformative patterns.

I am drawn to creating work that is kinetic and vibrant. My love of quilting, ethnographic forms and tribal art inspires him to design his own unique geometric motifs. I’m fascinated with how varying the angles and intersections of patterns produces captivating compositions.

Working in encaustic and skilled in graphic design and digital fabrication, I use custom stamps, stencils, digital printing and traditional printmaking techniques to produce transformative art. Using wax writing tools to apply each and every dot of pigment wax to my compositions, my pointillism approach results in rich textures that are reminiscent of woven fabric.



I’ve been a serial crafter and mixed media artist much of my life. Growing up on Long Island, New York, I’m the kid that would get inspired going to craft shows, see an artist using pen and ink on smooth stones, and then ride my bike to the art store and buy all the materials to make my own creations. I took up quilting in college and in parallel with a corporate career that spanned over 35 years, I spent my evening and weekend hours mastering the Adobe Creative Suite and a whole variety of mixed media techniques that I now get to passionately employ on a full time basis. I split my time working out of a studio at Artisans Asylum in Boston and my own studio in Provincetown, Massachusetts.