Artist: Susan Paladino  
  Statement: Early this year I completed a series called Diverse Fusions, 12 x 12 panels combining monoprints with encaustic medium. I do not have, for myself, strict rules as to dualities such as organic shapes and geometric forms, which can lead me to discover more dynamic ways to express meaning. One approach I am pursuing is the use of non-objective geometry as well as extending minimalism to what I think is a rich space. To that end I have recently begun adding more chromatic greys and texture to some of these larger works, and using pigmented encaustic medium with more painterly techniques. I have often been attracted to simple shapes, ones that I’ve seen in my walks around the city, which has heightened a long-standing fascination that I have with color, form and shape, and inspires me to explore how the mystery of creation expresses itself in my evolution. Some questions persist. For example, why do the simplest shapes look so much better in one spot than another? Or how is that a change of color can dramatically alter a work to a place more striking than I had imagined it? I am as excited as ever to keep pushing geometric shapes to create more playful interactions within encaustic layers in forms, colors and shapes.  
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