Pamela Dorris DeJong




Orbs, spheres, spherules, and rounds have been my focus for some time. not fully understanding why, I unconsciously gravitate towards creating a circular image. Circles are about rings, hoops, halos, wreaths, spirals, up-welling, down-welling, gyration, whirls and whorls, orbits, enclosure, encompassing, girding seasons, the concept of what goes around comes around, family circle, circles of friends, and the circle of life. Orbs evolved from the idea that I can throw energy. I imagined pitching it like a ball of fire.The need for healing energy is everywhere.


Art-making generates enormous personal energy. I am interested in the atmospheric conditions that create wavering vibrant color and have been fortunate to travel to regions and plein air paint where many artists have painted before me. Encaustic and other translucent mediums have helped me create luminous layers. After painting land and waterscapes for many years I realized that I could put forth healing energy towards the earth. Healing occurs through painting, meditation, education, sharing the message through the image itself, and explanation of the intent.