Pamela Dorris DeJong




The challenge of creating work centered around a concept is my current focus. I respond to the world we live in and there are many issues important to me that I feel compelled to incorporate into my art-making. Bird “Dive Redux lll” responds to my never-ending concern for the ocean and marine environment. During the worst of the pandemic, we sheltered at home using the computer, tablet, mobile phone, television, all “on the grid”. This change in our human relationships inspired the grid paintings. “The Pandemic Pips” is a salute to protective fashion garments, just for fun. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is a tribute to George Floyd. Art tells the story of my times.


Pamela Dorris DeJong’s work is described as: ”not stopping merely at transforming materials but also explores the healing properties in physical, psychological and relational concepts through the process of art-making…The intricately layered, powerful colors and engaging texture of this work communicates on many levels.” Artscope Magazine. Using interpretive expression in mixed media, Pamela’s recent work has been an exploration of the mechanisms of healing, environmental issues, as well as recording this time on earth, responding and sharing her interpretation so the viewer can understand a different point of view, or see beauty in things they might not otherwise notice.