Sue Katz



Each work is a “constellation,” a cluster of materials and ideas forming a composition. They fit together snugly like a puzzle. Family, generations, and relationships all wiggle their way into my consciousness saying, ‘Hello!’ As I work, I enjoy the procedural; as I finish, I reveal the conceptual and emotional, a spirit of connections.

This work presents in two parts: constructs are physical objects frequently incorporating found objects and also thoughts or ideas containing various conceptual elements. Signs are constructs which combine both visual and verbal elements to protest or to tell a story.



After my master’s degree in sculpture at Ohio State University, I studied ceramics with Peter Voulkos, UC Berkeley, and contemporary art history with Irving Sandler, New York University. While living in New York City I taught ceramics and contemporary art history at New Jersey City State University for five years. Next I moved to Colrain, Massachusetts, to raise a family. Then in Amherst, I switched from ceramics to making constructs. I co-founded and/or co-directed two conteremporary, community art galleries and started the Amherst Art Walk, the first monthly art walk in the region. Primarily I make art, constructs of paint and mixed media. I exhibit in the Amherst-Northampton area, New England and nationally.