Sue Katz



I have been fascinated with the Vitruvian proportion describing the height and width of the human body as the same, and also that the two primary forms of a circle and a square illustrate this proportion in Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing. Working with both forms has become the focus of my art. One square o(male) or one circle (female) signify one human being, two are a couple and three or four are a family or generations – connections and relationships. On a personal level I am telling my own love story – my family and my magic number of four generations (parents, husband, children, and grandchildren).



After studying for a MA in sculpture at OSU, I studied ceramics with Peter Voulkos, UC Berkeley, and contemporary art history with Irving Sandler, NYU. While living in New York City I taught ceramics and contemporary art history at New Jersey State University for five years. Next I moved to Colrain, MA, to raise a family. Then in Amherst, I co-founded and/or co-directed two community art galleries and started the art walk, the first monthly one in the region. Primarily I make art, “constructs” of paint and mixed media. I exhibit in the Amherst-Northampton area, New England and nationally.